Dental Tourism

Gone are the days when going to dentist used to be an invitation for those painful procedures to get relief from the tooth problems. Now days more and more people are adopting the advanced dental science to improve their appearance and get rid of oral deformities for improved oral functioning. But one factor that restrains people from undergoing complete dental restoration is the high price of dental treatment. Especially in developed countries like US & UK, there are few insurance companies who cover dental treatments, leaving behind those uninsured or partly insured people with dental problems as such. For all these people, dental tourism has proved to be the saving grace for their oral health. Dental tourism India Dental tourism to India offers high-quality care and a wealth of options, at half the price as compared to developed countries. Not only this, dental tourism to India can be combined with a vacation to explore the beautiful locations of Indian cities. In fact dentistry can be very well termed as “incidental traveller” as a person can find affordable and quality dental care while being on a vacation to India. Moreover business travellers can also mingle their dental care while on a business trip to India that will save on both oral treatment and travel costs. Why Dr. Neethu’s Smile Care? Dr. Neethu is a highly competent dentist who attended respected schools of dentistry and is vastly experienced to provide excellent dental services. She provides best of the treatment to all her patients without any sacrifice on quality of care. Her international patients are more than satisfied from the kind of treatment procedures performed by her and often recommend her to their relatives and colleagues.